Decentralized Attribution Trust

Idea/whitepaper for a "trust system" or "credibility score". Possibly a solution for dealing with trolls, fake accounts, general trust. In 10 years time it could also provide real time "trust scores" from people passing you by.

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Short introduction

Imagine a trust system where we can give Elon Musk or Vitalik Buterin (and some other trust worthy people with good intentions) a "90% trust" score. They proceed to share "trust scores" to other credible people. If someone in the trust chain is bribed or corrupted, their trust score along with their votes and it's weight are lowered.


90% trust score example



Trust scores API can be embedded into any social media website (Twitter, reddit, Instagram). Later, real life scores!

Social media protection // Fake news

Partially prevent scammers and trolls.

Seeing a low trust score in someones profile or comment will make it easier to avoid them (or avoid answering and sharing their posts).

Higher incentive to do good

Do good and be trustworthy. There is always a possibility we can achieve an "empathy first" world. How would this work with politics and public figures?

Don't be impersonated

Extremely useful for high profile users that have issues with fake accounts that send you FREE ETHER! (but only if you send it first)

Real life usage

In a decade, when everyone is using eye/brain gadgets - we can use this API to show real time people trust scores.

This trust score obviously wouldn't work while encountering aliens, but you'll at least know who to trust in those final weird moments.


Yes, there are other problems too - here's just a few.

Trust score fraud

Someone gets bribed into dealing high trust scores. To prevent this, other credible/trusted people must approve/vote attributed trust scores made by others.

Trusted gone rogue

If someone trusted *betrays* the public trust, lower their trust score and lower the weight of their vote.

I deserve a better score

It's up to the trusted and credible people around you to decide. It's up to you to do your best and also share trust.


Someone gets mad and doesn't want to participate anymore. Display default score 49%?


Currently, only two people are involved in this project, Luka Mrovlje and Robert Isoski, also maintainers of the extremely small website builder called WonderCMS (maintaiting it since 2008) and some other useful projects.

We believe in a free and open world, all of these published tools are free and open source.

Get involved (preparing)

Massive support and scrutinization is needed for a project like this to succeed.

It might take tweeting out to Elon and ask him to be our trusted leader and assemble a team for this project. The leader position is open for public vote and discussion, check the GitHub.